Steakhouse Dinner at Home

This is a detailed description of how to get perfectly cook steak and side dishes. Go easy on the spuds though!

jovina cooks


Pining for a great steak dinner or celebrating a special occasion? A trip to s premium steakhouse will cost you the following:

Morton’s 3 course steak dinner for one is $150-160.

Ruth’s Chris price for just the cowboy rib eye is $50.

Gibson’s Steakhouse in Chicago – premium steaks average $40 to $60 per steak.

Dinner at less prestigious steak restaurants will be at least $90 per person.

If you make this special dinner at home, and I did, this is what it cost me:

Cost of a quality steakhouse dinner at home for 2 is less than $30 plus whatever your wine cost. These are prices for my area and the vegetables are in season and often on sale here

1 1/2 lb organic, grass fed French cut rib eye steak cost $22.50

Prices at the market this week:

$1.99 per lb for asparagus = $2.98 for 1 ½…

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5 thoughts on “Steakhouse Dinner at Home

  1. Excellent suggestion. I think we’ll have steak and asparagus tonight maybe some sort of sea salt and buttered oven baked potatoes and some sort of desert besides her kisses. I’m trying to cut down on something that sweet… 😉 (Excellent article .. better suggestion )

  2. It’s said that great minds think alike; apparently home cookers do too, I’ve got a pound of asparagus and two New York strips in the fridge, waiting for Monday night. I’m cooking the steaks Pittsburgh-style, on a hot cast-iron griddle under the oven broiler, about 2 minutes per side. Top with sauteed mushrooms and onions, and serve the steamed asparagus with lots of grated parmesan*. Ingredients cost about $25, tops.

    *OK, so my wife and I are asparagus gluttons. Better than Twinkies, no?

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